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Best mechanical keyboard

Best Mechanical Keyboard in India with the Corresponding prices


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What is a mechanical keyboard?


A mechanical keyboard is actually an ordinary keyboard that we mostly see. Underneath the keys, there are, in fact, high-quality plastic switches in a mechanical keyboard. Other than the mechanical keyboards there are also different varieties of them, like a gaming keyboard. However, our discussion will comprise the best  Mechanical Keyboard in India with the corresponding prices in this article.

Mechanical keyboards, accordingly, inherit the classic 80s keyboard look and got popularized worldwide. The design and appearance are still going through an evolution. Thus, for the sake of our reader’s convenience, we have carefully prepared a list of the best mechanical keyboards in India with the corresponding prices.


Advantages of the Mechanical Keyboard


  • First of all, a Delightful typing experience.
  • Secondly, gaming also possible.
  • Affordability and popularity make it more preferable at the same time.
  • Durability is another great concern.
  • Speed is likewise really an important factor.
  • In addition, better typing feedback.
  • Above all, availability of more features.


Disadvantages of the mechanical keyboard


  • There are cheap and poor quality mechanical keyboards that get damaged quite rapidly.
  • Moreover, the marks and signs get faded out mostly on the substandard quality keyboards.
  • Additionally, Produces relatively extra sound.
  • Keys are a little higher. Hence, initial difficulties arise to get used to it.


Top ten Wireless Mechanical Keyboard in India with the corresponding prices


My new TVS Gold keyboard ( my first mechanical keyboard :D ) : MechanicalKeyboards


1. TVS Gold Bharat Gold USB Keyboard

The Price in India is Rs. 2712



  • Importantly, TVS Gold Bharat In is one of the most renowned brands in India.
  • Factually, many banks across India use this keyboard.
  • Moreover, reliable and quite affordable.
  • Comes in two options, namely, Blue Cherry MX ( 1 ) and Long Hua Blue Switches.
  • Furthermore, two lakh hours of usage is claimed.
  • A pleasurable typing experience also.


2. Redgear Invador MK881 Keyboard

The Price in India is Rs. 3999


Redgear Invador MK881 Mechanical keyboard With Kailh blue Switches – Redwood Interactive

  • The brand is quite well-known.
  • Similarly, a truly reliable product with brown mechanical switches.
  • Next, the pleasant gaming experience.
  • Comfortably, Low force keys with faster game-play.
  • Many styles and modes are actually offered for various types of users.
  • Attractive and compact design as well.
  • Finally, reasonable price.


3. Gamdias 7 Color Backlit Keyboard

The Price in India is Rs. 2800 Buy Redgear Invador MK881 Mechanical Keyboard (Black) Online at Low Prices in India | Redgear Reviews & Ratings

  • Firstly, this is also another noted brand.
  • Claims, in fact, 50 million clicks.
  • Amazingly, supports seven-colored backlighting.
  • Additionally, Compatible with an N-key rollover.
  • Elegant package, of course.
  • Similarly, laudable accuracy.
  • Most importantly, a great comfort level


4. Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Price in India is Rs. 7889

Logitech G512 Review: Debut of the GX Blue Switch


The Price in India is Rs. 6999

  • The keyboard is pleasantly sleek indeed.
  • Next, the customizable setup adds more advantages.
  • For the user’s convenience, different color lights for separate keys.
  • Likewise, brown mechanical switches with tactile feedback.
  • There is a provision for game mode allowing other switches not to interfere accidentally.
  • Appreciably, humble design and strong body.


5. Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Price in India is Rs. 6999


The 3 Best Corsair Keyboards of 2021: Reviews -

  • Premium Cherry MX Switches, firstly.
  • Smooth performance while gaming or typing, moreover.
  • Full key rollover utility is also present.
  • Furthermore, the package comes with a comfortable wrist-rest.


6. HP Omen Sequencer 2VN99AA Optical Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Price in India is Rs.10999

OMEN BY HP Sequencer 2VN99AA Mechanical Optical Gaming Keyboard – TPS Technologies



  • Revamped stability to be mentioned firstly.
  • Secondly, optical-mechanical blue switches.
  • In addition, customizable macro switches make gaming really swift.
  • Strong build quality also.
  • Speedy response time, similarly.
  • Altogether, it can be said that the keyboard is reliable and praiseworthy.


The list that we have prepared is actually a guideline for our readers. The prices mentioned here may change according to time and situation. For more information please visit and


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