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Top ten computer keyboard in India

Top ten computer keyboard in India in 2021


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What is a computer keyboard?


A computer keyboard is actually an auxiliary input device for connecting and working with a computer. Many components altogether comprise the computer keyboard technology. Most of the alphanumeric keyboards usually have 80 to 110 switches, generally one for each key. In this article, however, our discussion will involve the top ten computer keyboards in India in  2021 with corresponding prices and features, and finally their pros, and cons.


Types of computer keyboards


The switch technology adopted for the particular keyboard greatly affects the key response. Various types of computer keyboards exist. They are as follows. If we want to talk about the top ten computer keyboards in India in 2021, we should, at least, have a basic idea about two major types of it.

1. Alphanumeric Keyboard

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A computer Alphanumeric Computer keyboard generally consists of 80 to 110 switches, each for one key.

2. Virtual Keyboards

How to configure Virtual Keyboard in Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 - YouTube

A virtual keyboard is, in fact, such a software component where input characters are allowed without the need for the physical keys. The keyboard operating actually takes place on the touchscreen mode.

A control processor for sending feedbacks and the backlit keyboard are the other two important elements of many modern keyboards as well.


So, here follows the list of the top ten computer keyboard in 2021


1. Microsoft Keyboard

The Price in India is Rs. 12,895


Keyboard Shortcuts for Modeling Real Estate in Excel - A.CRE





  • Firstly, the slim and light design.
  • Secondly, a sturdy keyboard, truly.
  • Delightfully, smooth typing experience.
  • The keyboard also features a well-set media-oriented function and hotkeys.
  • Most of them are also combined with an integrated gesture-supporting touchpad and mouse button.
  • Both wired and wireless keyboards are available in options.
  • Likewise, ensures maximum productivity.
  • Endurance and durability are the other two factors of appreciation.
  • Quite a reasonable price also.


  • Not ideal for playing high-performance gaming.


2. Logitech

The Price in  India is Rs. 585


logitech K400 plus keyboard [print screen] function inoperable Solved - Windows 10 Forums

Logitech is the second-best keyboard according to our list. This brand is also counted as one of the highest-selling keyboard brands in India. Overall, the competitive price and the brand value together have a very positive impact on the consumer market.



  • Unique design, first of all.
  • The wireless feature is really attractive and useful.
  • The presence of programmable keys.
  • Quite a  cheap price, as a matter of fact.
  • A delightful keyboard for gamers.


  • Well, the problem comes from the outside interference on the wireless network.
  • Next comes the issues of the speed limitations.
  • Thirdly, the setup complications.
  • Finally, frequent replacing and recharging the battery.


3. Amazon Basic

The Price in India is Rs. 14,00 Amazon Basics Matte Black Wired Keyboard - US Layout (QWERTY): Computers & Accessories



  • Tactile feedback makes typing experience certainly pleasant.
  • Secondly, it’s very relaxing to type as the finger-stretching is minimum.
  • Truly affordable price.


  • This keyboard is clearly not manufactured for gaming, but for typing.
  • Ideal for office use, not for all-purpose.


4. HP

The Price in India is Rs. 599

Download HD Hp K2500 Wireless Keyboard - Hp Keyboard K2500 Transparent PNG Image -



  • Most importantly, the clean and conspicuous design does not distract you.
  • The wrist rest pad also is sure to be mentioned.
  • The HP Software is incredibly versatile for managing lightning and macro option.
  • Simple interface as well.
  • Cheap price also.


  • Unfortunately, no backlit customization of color option.
  • At the same time, the caps and number lock indicator does not work.


5. Dell

The Price in India is Rs. 869


HD wallpaper: Dell, Laptop, Keyboard, Baghdad, Iraq, computer, computer Keyboard | Wallpaper Flare



  • Truly dependable brand.
  • Also, responsive typing switches.
  • Actually, lesser finger-stretching, and hence, comfortable.
  • Likewise, efficient stress-reducing factor.


  • Some people, however, do not find the small keyboard convenient.


6. Lenovo

The Price in India is Rs. 999

Lenovo at CES 2020: Thinkpad TrackPoint Keyboard II Unveiled, a Compact Full-Size ThinkPad Keyboard | Technology News

  • Firstly, the strong build of the keyboard.
  • Can be used on computers, or portable devices within a certain range from the receiver.
  • Furthermore, comes at an amazingly cheap price.


  • The look of the equipment is not so attractive.
  • Second of all this keyboard is actually without backlit.
  • Neither there are no fancy programmable keys, similarly.


7. Intex

The Price in India is Rs. 279


Buy Intex DUO-315 Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black), Features, Price, Reviews Online in India - Justdial



  • Quite pleasantly, Intex offers a wide range of varieties of budget keyboards.
  • Wired, or Bluetooth, both are, in fact, available.
  • For work or gaming, Intex keyboards, in the same way, can serve multi-purpose activities.
  • Solid endurance and durability too.


  • Disappointingly, no LED Backlit keyboard.
  • The appearance of the keyboard can not really be claimed to be very attractive.
  • Similarly, there are no fancy extra programmable buttons.

8. Amkette

The Price in India is Rs. 449

AMKETTE Xcite NEO Wired USB Laptop Keyboard - AMKETTE :




  • It is to be primarily remembered that the  Amkette is one of the highest-selling keyboard brands in the Indian market.
  • Great value for money indeed.
  • Delightfully cheaper price than most other keyboard brands.
  • Also, they possess a wide range of gaming keyboards.




  • Certainly not the best keyboard for gaming.


9. Zebronics

The Price in India is Rs. 398

Zebronics Zeb-Fighter Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Gamers Keyboard, RGB Gaming Keyboard, गेमिंग कीबोर्ड - I7 Solutions, Navi Mumbai | ID: 22576737173



  • Advantageously, a  broad range of gaming and office keyboards are offered.
  • Greater comfort, at the same time.
  • Significantly, the body-stress-reducing factor is also present.
  • Ergonomic functional design is also good.


  • So far, no major issues have been found.

10. iBall

The Price in India is Rs. 371 Buy iBall Magical Duo 2 Wireless Deskset - Keyboard and Mouse Online at Low Prices in India | iBall Reviews & Ratings



  • Availability of plenty of service centers.
  • Next comes the economic factor.
  • The keyboard is really too cheap.
  • The body of the keyboard is truly strong.
  • Finally, the factor of durability should also be considered.




  • No major issues found as yet.
  • Importantly, should not be compared to the most expensive keyboard for the obvious reason.


Some crucial aspects that you need to keep in mind before buying a keyboard


First and foremost it is vital to determine what you intend to do with your laptop. Today, the market is full of specialized keyboards of various sorts. Some select a keyboard for gaming, others for office use or business works, still others for study, etc. Thus you need to decide how you want to use your keyboard. Gaming or numeric, lot of options are there.


Checking the key-stroke is definitely needful. You need to check and feel it. The balance between the swiftness and key feedback must be checked accordingly.


An effective keyboard must have a lot of USB ports. Old fashioned PS/2 ports are really backdated. In the case of Bluetooth, there are a lot of complexities. You can also opt for plug and play USB cord keyboard.

Wired or Wireless

Both types of keyboards have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are using a Bluetooth keyboard, you would feel peace of mind due to the freedom from wires and all. Again, the Bluetooth network is also susceptible to interference from outside networks or disturbance out of various objects.

If you like gaming and do not want your gaming -session affected by any kind of impediment, it is better to opt for the wired network.

As the wireless keyboards run on battery, it needs to be charged from time to time.




The price mentioned here may change according to the time and situations. This article has been prepared after a lot of studies and research works. You may follow this as a primary guideline. We are truly most concerned about you, our readers. Thank you.

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